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What Is Masters Swimming?

Updated: May 1, 2018

"Masters Swimming" is not necessarily for masters OF swimming. Let us help provide you with an introduction to the world of Masters Swimming.

Simply put, Masters Swimming is an organized program for adults of all ages and abilities to swim for fitness and/or competition. There are different levels and ability groups. You don't have to be a former Olympian, competitive swimmer, or even a good swimmer to participate in a Masters Swimming program. You just have to have some basic swimming abilities and a desire to improve.

Here are some steps to become involved:

  1. Get evaluated. Most Masters Swimming programs offer free evaluations. The coach who evaluates you will usually tell you if you are ready or suggest areas that need to be addressed before joining

  2. If you need some fine tuning, you may want to get some group or private swim lessons to brush up on your skills. If you are receiving lessons from a qualified program/coach, he/she will know exactly what is needed to get you ready to participate in a Masters Swimming group. The organization you take lessons from may even have its own Masters Swimming program.

  3. Once you've acquired the minimum skills to join, sign up and start the journey!

  4. A good Masters Swimming program will help you to continually improve through stroke technique instruction, swim conditioning, and even fitness outside of the water.

  5. Be persistent and a student of the sport. You will find the sport of swimming is very rewarding and there is so much to learn!

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