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Trying To Find The Right College To Swim At? Start With The TAP Assessment

This is NOT a paid product endorsement. Choosing the right college is difficult. This process can be even harder when also considering both academics AND athletics. Recently, we had a swimmer contact us saying she had used a service that assessed her personality/athlete type and then matched her with colleges that were looking for student-athletes with her similar personality/athlete type.

After some brief browsing of the AthleteTypes website and speaking with the swimmer, the process seems fairly simple:

  1. The athlete takes the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) personality test that "measure the intangibles important to success."

  2. The TAP results are connected with the Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) database. The results are used to find college-athlete matches that will be mutually beneficial.

  3. College coaches can continue to use the results to more optimally work with the student-athlete once he/she is attending the school.

The pairing of TAP with NCSA is an excellent way to help both colleges and prospective student-athletes find a better match. Student-athletes learn about themselves simply by taking the assessment. College coaches know the type of student-athlete desired. With both parties more informed and the NCSA platform to more easily bring the two together, the college selection process is simplified and optimized.

For more information on both, check out AthleteTypes, NCSA, and TheRightProfile.

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