Swimming Teaches More Than Swimming - Swimming As A Different Life Skill

There are a multitude of reasons why swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. We even wrote an article about it in our 8 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Healthiest Form Of Exercise. What we haven't discussed are some of the intangible and non-physical reasons why swimming is fantastic for the mind as well.

The intrinsic benefits to being involved in swimming are many. We here at Fort Worth Swimming hope you get as much from swimming as we do!

These intangibles apply to primarily youth but can also apply to adults. If you or your child are swimming at a more serious level, you are probably going to see or experience the below positive intangible rewards of a structured swim lesson or competitive swim team.

  1. Details - A quality swim lesson or competitive swim team program teaches that the details matter. The little things make a big difference in becoming a proficient swimmer. Whether it's transitioning from a doggy paddle to freestyle or learning the correct timing of the dolphin kick in butterfly, attention to detail is the only way to improve and evolve as a swimmer. As we know, the details matter in life. Outside of swim lessons or swim team, attention to detail matters as well. Our refined ability to get the small and particularly meaningful details correct can be the difference between life and death, success and failure, and meaningful relationships. The little stuff matters and swimming helps hone that skill.

  2. The Grind - We've all heard it: Life can be a grind. A series of seemingly meaningless processes that we sometimes do not know the purpose of. When we're learning how to become a better swimmer, sometimes our swim instructors and coaches may set forth tasks that just don't make sense. Sometimes swimming can feel like a grind, especially for competitive swimmers. However, usually, there is meaning and purpose behind the grind and if anything, it is excellent training for the life we lead outside of the swimming pool.

  3. Failure - What? Yes, failure. Swimmers, especially competitive swimmers have to repeatedly experience failure over the span of their swimming careers. "Failure" is a part of every swimmer's vocabulary and the process of rebuilding to rise above failure is also a part of every swimmer's DNA. Swimmers encounter failures on a daily basis. Children and adults in swim lessons will encounter failures like drinking water when they first learn how to rotary breathe in freestyle. Competitive swimmers will fail to make intervals in practice and miss time goals in competition. A swimmer's life is filled with failure and working through the process of overcoming it.

Whether you or your child is involved with swim lessons or competitive swimming, there are more life skills being learned than simply water survival or getting a good workout. The intrinsic benefits to being involved in swimming are many. We here at Fort Worth Swimming hope you get as much from swimming as we do!

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