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Looking For A Swim Team? Why Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medal Status Matters

Updated: May 1, 2018

Ranking isn't everything, but it does matter. USA Swimming's National Club Excellence Program is one major measurement of the overall performance of a swim team. Below are some reasons why you should pay attention to your club's or prospective club's status.

  1. Status tells a story - Teams who CONSISTENTLY place in the club excellence rankings typically have a program that is also consistently developing swimmers.

  2. Development doesn't happen overnight - Teams who earn coveted places as Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal clubs have spent years working with swimmers from when they were young children.

  3. Work means more than laps - Teams whose swimmers earn points in these rankings typically have excellent stroke technique, which takes years to develop and is the product of coaches who invest in their swimmers.

  4. Coaches who care and are experienced - Experience and care go a long way in the sport of swimming. These two critical items usually go hand-in-hand with teams that

For the full club excellence rankings, you can CLICK HERE. For more details on USA Swimming's Club Excellence Program and the criteria, you can CLICK HERE.

See our post on the Top 5 teams in North Texas for teams that have consistently proven the above items and more.

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