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How To Keep Your Toddler Safe By The Pool This Summer

It is every parent's nightmare: Child drowning. It happens more often than we realize. As of June 25, 2018, according to, 49 Texas children have died as a result of drownings. The total number of drownings in 2017 for Texas was 77. At this rate, the total number of drownings in 2018 will either match or surpass the number of drownings in 2017.

Lifeguard your child and enroll him/her in a quality swim school like Sigma Swimming Fort Worth
Lifeguard your child and enroll him/her in a quality swim lesson program to prevent drownings this summer.

Below are tips to ensure your children are both having fun and safe when they are in and around pools this summer:

  1. WATCH: Keep your eyes on your children. Avoid distractions such as electronics (phones, tablets, TV). As #CookChildrens states, “Lifeguard your child.” Supervise your child and make him/her your priority.

  2. WATCHER: If for some reason you cannot be watching your child at all times, ensure someone is. You can create a “Water Watcher Tag,” like a hall monitor. Someone must always have the tag. Whoever is in possession of the tag is responsible for watching the water. Do not let the tag leave the pool area and pass the tag to another responsible adult as needed.

  3. LIMIT TOYS: Toys can be a drowning hazard and can also encourage children who are weak swimmers to jump in to the pool to retrieve them. Minimize toys both in and around the pool. Supervise children when toys are in use.

  4. LESSONS: The best way to minimize drowning is education. Educate your children on how to swim properly by enrolling them in a quality swim lesson program. Take a look at our article on 5 Things To Look For In A Good Swim Lessons Program.

In the event that the unthinkable should occur and you are faced with a child who has drowned, remove the child from the water immediately, call 911, and begin CPR. It is also helpful for at least one parent to know how to properly administer CPR.

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