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Equipment 'Must-Haves' For Swimmers New To The Sport

So your child wants to try out for the swim team, this is huge!

Swimming is unlike any other sport. You have to kick your legs, move your arms, hold your breath and someone still race other swimmers. To make progress in the water, you have to have a good feel for the water. Swimming is all about feel!

To get the right feel, you will need the right equipment. Each piece of swim equipment offers the opportunity to improve specific technical components of the swimming strokes. Here is the equipment your swimmer would likely need when they officially join their local swim team for their first practice.


You know those foam things you see stacked up next to the fins at the pool? Those are kickboards. Kickboards can be used for beginning swimmers or advanced swimmers.

Kickboards support the upper body, allowing the legs to take over the work.


Fins are everyone favorite tool in the gear bag. Fins are awesome for beginners! The help improve the kick through ankle flexibility. Fins improve the 'up-kick' motion of the kick. This adding resistance, the fins provide extra propulsion making your swimming faster and more efficient.


Pull buoys are those odd shaped pieces of foam at the pool next to the kkckboards. These buoys allow flotation for the legs to remain at the surface without the need for a kick. Buoys able swimmers to focus on their pull while maintaining proper body position with ease.


Snorkels are one of the more modern additions to the swimmer gear bag. Snorkels have become more widely used over the last 10 years. They allow for a whole new exploration of the water. Being able to hold your face in the proper position without the need to turn for a breath helps give swimmers the ability to focus on the techniques of the strokes.

There are a lot of gear options out there and it can be overwhelming for new swim parents. These are the basics. It is always recommended to speak with the coach about which specific equipment your swimmer's training group will need.

Equipment takes some time to adjust to. Be sure to always encourage your swimmer to try, and try again! It will all come through repetition!

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