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5 Things To Look For In A Good Swim Lessons Program

Updated: May 1, 2018

Not all swim lessons are created equal. We're here to help you ask the right questions when choosing a swim lessons program for your child.

  1. Ratios, Ratios, Ratios - A good sign that you are in the right program is that the instructor-to-student ratio for group lessons is 3-to-1 at the very beginning levels and a maximum of 5-to-1 at the higher levels. Organizations that have ratios beyond these recommended ones are usually under-staffed and under-qualified.

  2. Competitive Swim Team? - Excellent lessons are often tied to excellent competitive swim teams. Some of the best swim teams develop their own talent and recruit directly from their swim lessons. Even if you or your child have no desire for your child to swim competitively, children in swim lesson programs that are tied to a competitive swim team learn strokes and skills the RIGHT WAY.

  3. Ability Based and Placed - Swimmers should be placed based on ability, NOT age. Be wary of programs who do not evaluate and place based on a swimmer's ability.

  4. Promotion Based on Improvement - Every child learns at a different rate. If a program is keeping your child in the same group to promote him/her with peers, it is NOT good sign. Great programs promote swimmers when they have achieved the criteria and exit skills for the group, not based on age, time, or money spent.

  5. Price - Cheap usually means lower quality and expensive does not always mean higher quality.

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